This recipe is very close to my heart, because sometimes you can’t get to the taco bell drive thru, but you need your chalupa fix. The simplicity of this is perfection, and if you’re a texmex lover like me, you’ll pretty much always have these ingredients at home, and if not, you can find them […]

Taco Bowls

Move over taco Tuesday, taco bowls are taking over my kitchen! I was on yet another grocery run and came across the cutest mini taco bowls. Basically, they’re tortillas made in the shape of mini bowls by Old el Paso. I mean, do I really need to explain myself? I don’t know how long they’ve […]

nacho lasagna

Yeah. I did it. I one upped the taco lasagna. It’s not really that different, but completely different at the same time. The prep is simpler as well. Here’s what you’ll need 2 boxes oven ready lasagne sheets 1 pound ground beef 2 pound jar of pasta sauce 1– 15.5 ounce jars of your favourite […]

cookie dough cheesecake

There are days that call for cookies, and there are more decadent days that call for cheesecake. But what about the days when you just want everything in life? I can’t give you the recipe for everything, but I can share this delicious piece of heaven with you. Cookie dough cheesecake. Let that sink in […]

stuffed sour cream and onion potatoes

It’s been a while hasn’t it?! I feel like I need to explain myself! I moved. Again. Yup. In the past 10 months I managed to move 3 times, but this time it’s a little more permanent. I have a fully functioning kitchen and recipes to be tested! This is one of the first things […]