cookie dough cheesecake

There are days that call for cookies, and there are more decadent days that call for cheesecake. But what about the days when you just want everything in life? I can’t give you the recipe for everything, but I can share this delicious piece of heaven with you. Cookie dough cheesecake. Let that sink in […]

stuffed sour cream and onion potatoes

It’s been a while hasn’t it?! I feel like I need to explain myself! I moved. Again. Yup. In the past 10 months I managed to move 3 times, but this time it’s a little more permanent. I have a fully functioning kitchen and recipes to be tested! This is one of the first things […]

Pineapple Souffle

I think i’ve taken a long enough break, but it’s just so hard to leave the vacation life behind. This trip has been especially hard to get over, and has left me dreaming of grand canals and cappuccinos. And the fruit. Besides the fact that everything tastes better on vacation, I can say without any […]