Mud Pie Mousse

Sometimes one dessert isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to mix things up, literally. And what better recipes to mix up other than the delicious Mississippi mud pie and a silky smooth chocolate mousse. It’s not crazy hard or time consuming either, like a cake+cheesecake, or blondes (cookie+brownie). It’s just a matter of having the right […]

Hot Fudge Sauce

Sometimes you don’t realize how close heaven is. Sometimes it’s just a matter of popping open a can of condensed milk, throwing in some chocolate, and viola! You have the best thing in the world, sitting all nice and smooth in a microwave proof bowl, ready to be poured over some cold ice cream or […]

4th of July Cupcakes

Hi guys! I’m in Detroit this 4th of July, and everyone’s celebrating independence day, so why shouldn’t we (I mean, it is my birthday after all!)? Me and my cousins were just stuck in traffic for about an hour on our way back from watching fireworks and all I could think about was cupcakes! Specifically […]

Chewy Cookie Bars

On one my pinning adventures I found ┬áthis amazing cookie bar recipe from Pinterest that I had to pass on! I tried it right away and it was divine! Yes, past tense. That’s how quickly it goes! It’s a small recipe for a 9×9 or 8×8, it’s chewy, it’s sweet chocolatey, peanut buttery, and it’s […]