Banana Pudding

Oh my word! This stuff is good. It looks so simple that my nephew thought it was just yogurt and bananas, but you take a bite and your world changes. Life before having this delicious concoction was just so dull, and things can’t go back to the way they were. You need this is your […]

Pineapple Souffle

I think i’ve taken a long enough break, but it’s just so hard to leave the vacation life behind. This trip has been especially hard to get over, and has left me dreaming of grand canals and cappuccinos. And the fruit. Besides the fact that everything tastes better on vacation, I can say without any […]

Hot Fudge Sauce

Sometimes you don’t realize how close heaven is. Sometimes it’s just a matter of popping open a can of condensed milk, throwing in some chocolate, and viola! You have the best thing in the world, sitting all nice and smooth in a microwave proof bowl, ready to be poured over some cold ice cream or […]