S’mores Trifle

Yeah, you read that correctly. I present to you all, S’mores Trifle. It’s so decadent and so rich but so right at the same time. It’s also the closest i’ll ever get to making s’mores around a campfire. My idea of a campfire is a fireplace in the great indoors, and this trifle will make […]

chocolate covered strawberries

For the longest time, chocolate covered strawberries were a delicious concoction to be made by others, but eaten only by me, of course. It was a few months ago I realised I was the only one standing between me and deliciously juicy strawberries, dipped in my favourite dark chocolate, chilled to perfection and devoured in […]

quick tip tuesday: rich chocolate muffins

It’s always a good thing to have some quick recipes up your sleeve for last minute meals and desserts, and it’s even easier with the amazing mixes and ready to make products available at grocery stores. My favourite item to stock up on is cake and brownie mixes. Sure, baking something from scratch is almost […]

Birthday Cake (Marble Cake)

I’m in a ‘It’s my birthday so I can bake if I want to’ kind of mood, because it is my birthday, and I am baking! And I know that a classic birthday cake is a deliciously moist golden vanilla sponge with smooth and truffle like chocolate frosting, and about a pound of colorful sprinkles, but […]

Mud Pie Mousse

Sometimes one dessert isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to mix things up, literally. And what better recipes to mix up other than the delicious Mississippi mud pie and a silky smooth chocolate mousse. It’s not crazy hard or time consuming either, like a cake+cheesecake, or blondes (cookie+brownie). It’s just a matter of having the right […]