Papri Chaat + Imlee and Pudina Chutney

Cold potatoes and chickpeas drenched in imlee (tamarind) and yogurt with onions and fresh coriander peeking through. You take a bite and hear that satisfying crunch from the pappar (super thin, fried bread) and get a punch from the chaat masala and you know you’re home, because home isn’t where you live, it’s where the […]

Shortcut Samosas

You know I love a good shortcut, especially when it doesn’t compromise on taste, but cuts down the prep time. So here’s my shortcut to delicious samosas: soft flour tortillas. It’s a trick my cousin has been using since forever, and i’ve been making them this way ever since I moved out of Lahore, arguably […]

Cookie Tales

I don’t think i’ve ever met anyone that doesn’t eat cookies. It’s just impossible. I mean, there are cartoon characters inspired from the love of cookies, songs even. Who hasn’t grown up singing and accusing everyone of stealing cookies from the cookie jar? (who me? yes you. couldn’t be. then who?!) SO anyways, it’s really […]