Chicken Week!

Anyone in a cooking rut? How about following chicken week to get 5 great recipes that are easy to make and will draw everyone to the dinner table! Search for Moroccan Chicken, Chicken Steak Sandwiches, Rattlesnake Pasta, Sesame Fried Chicken and Tarragon Chicken! These are all my favourite recipes and I hope they become your favourite too!

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I think i’ve posted enough dessert recipes to last you guys a month. Or at least a week. SO….. i’m naming this week chicken week! I have lots of chicken recipes, and you won’t need a whole shelf of new ingredients to make them. Today i’ll also post a list of ingredients you’ll need for the five chicken recipes i’ll be posting. But honestly, there’s only a handful of ingredients that you might not already have in your pantry. And I’ve planned out the menu so most of the ingredients overlap in the five recipes, so don’t worry if some ingredients are sold in bulk.

Here’s the menu for this week guys!

Tuesday: Moroccan Chicken

Wednesday: Chicken Steak Sandwiches

Thursday: Rattlesnake Pasta

Friday: Sesame Fried Chicken

Saturday: Tarragon Chicken

Here’s a list of ingredients you’ll need so you can get everything today and then join me for a week long…

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