Papri Chaat + Imlee and Pudina Chutney

Cold potatoes and chickpeas drenched in imlee (tamarind) and yogurt with onions and fresh coriander peeking through. You take a bite and hear that satisfying crunch from the pappar (super thin, fried bread) and get a punch from the chaat masala and you know you’re home, because home isn’t where you live, it’s where the […]

Namak Parey

These little strips of deep fried dough have been a favourite since childhood. I would beg my dad to bring me some, and nothing would be better than seeing the brown bag, lightly soaked in oil, filled with these golden brown, flaky delights with a hint of cumin and a punch of salt. This recipe […]

Shortcut Samosas

You know I love a good shortcut, especially when it doesn’t compromise on taste, but cuts down the prep time. So here’s my shortcut to delicious samosas: soft flour tortillas. It’s a trick my cousin has been using since forever, and i’ve been making them this way ever since I moved out of Lahore, arguably […]