catering your own party

Making food for a large group of people can seem like a daunting task, but if you organise yourself and your time, it can easily be done! I’m not saying cook for 1oo people all by yourself, but 30-40 people? I got you covered. I always had a hold on catering for up to 300-400 people when it came to dessert, but over the past few years i’ve tried making the food myself as well, and let me tell you, it’s not as hard as it seems, provided you organise yourself, and it costs much less too.


Here are a few tips and things to do to help make your life easy in the kitchen so you can enjoy your party as well.

Decide a menu that’s good for kids and adults, and decide it a week before.




That doesn’t mean each item on your menu has to be kid and adult friendly. It’s more about balancing out the menu so there’s something for all age groups. For example, you can make Enchiladas for the adults, Chicken tenders for the kids, and then a nice mix of sides that can be enjoyed by both. That way you don’t have to worry about the spice element because you have a main dish specially for the kids.


You can semi-prepare some foods that can be put in the fridge over night and baked or cooked the day of the party!


More importantly, while choosing your menu, choose recipes that can be made in bulk easily. When I put up recipes I always point out if they’re easy to make in bulk or not, like my Enchiladas, or my Stuffed sour cream and onion potatoes. I wouldn’t, however, suggest you make Crispy Chicken Burgers for 50 people. Pick and choose your battles wisely! Also, get help when you need it. If you want something like fried chicken on the menu, get it from a restaurant!  Getting one dish catered as opposed to the whole menu isn’t gonna break the bank, and if it lets you focus on the rest of menu, why not!

Organise and manage your time:

Always get your groceries out of the way two days in advance. That way you have everything you need in your kitchen when you start cooking or preparing, and if you forgot something you won’t be stressed out about forgetting it because you’ll have a day left to get it.

This also opens up the possibility of making some things in advance. Dessert is always something you can make a day before, like cheesecake or berrymisu, which gets better with time.

Chopping vegetables and marinating meats can be done in advance as well.



Cheesecake can be made a day in advance and it’ll still taste great!


photo 2

You can chop vegetables in advance and store them in an airtight container till you need them.


Don’t leave everything for the day of the party. 

This doesn’t just refer to the food. If you’re going for a fancy setup or even simple flowers and paper plates, make sure you have the layout decided, and everything at home a day or two before. Running last minute errands is stressful, and you don’t want to just throw a party, you want to enjoy it too. If you’re hosting, set the table a night before and take out all the serving dishes and spoons. If you’re renting out a space or using another location, have everything packed and ready to transport the day before!


It’s the little things you do in advance that make for a relaxed event that you and your guests can enjoy!





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