Hot Fudge Sauce

Sometimes you don’t realize how close heaven is. Sometimes it’s just a matter of popping open a can of condensed milk, throwing in some chocolate, and viola! You have the best thing in the world, sitting all nice and smooth in a microwave proof bowl, ready to be poured over some cold ice cream or a hot brownie fresh out of the oven, because let’s be honest, a brownie can never be gooey enough.

Hot Fudge Sauce

1/2 can of condensed milk (the sweetened kind of course)

1 cup dark chocolate chips

Just melt it together over a light flame in a sauce pan, or microwave for 30 seconds at a time until the chocolate is melted.

*If you want to turn the chocolate sauce into a full blown party, just add 2 T of smooth peanut butter, and there’s nothing better in the world.

Since this is very easy to make on short notice, I wouldn’t recommend making it in bulk.


2 thoughts on “Hot Fudge Sauce

  1. That sounds amazing! I’m definitely going to try it and soon :p Not that it’s going to help my diet but oh well, some things are just worth the extra exercise!

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