Ice Cream Trifle


There’s really no other way to explain this dessert. It’s also awesome, and really easy to make. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and proba

bly made it too, but it deserves being called a recipe. There are two versions i’ve made, and both are delicious. It’s just a matter of gathering a few ingredients and you’re ready to go. No baking or cooking is involved, but a freezer is.

Here’s what you’ll need for the basic version:

1 loaf pound cake (pre-baked)

1 litre/pint peanut butter pecan ice cream

2 cups sliced bananas

caramel or chocolate sauce (store bought or wait for tomorrow’s recipe of hot chocolate sauce!)

You literally slice the pound cake and layer it evenly on the bottom of a medium sized dish. spread one cup of the sliced bananas over the cake. Then spoon over the ice cream. Then layer the remaining bananas and top off with caramel or chocolate sauce. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze till you’re ready to serve. It might be wise to take it out 10 minutes before serving so it’s easy to serve.

Here’s what you can do to add a twist:

1 loaf lemon pound cake or lemon sponge cake

1 litre/pint vanilla ice cream

1 cup sliced strawberries

chocolate sauce

This one is layered a bit differently. I added the strawberries to the trifle before freezing it, but every time I ate a frozen strawberry it reminded me of how long it’s been since i’ve visited a dentist, so I think it’s smarter to add the strawberries right before serving. You can actually put everything together fresh, and in individual bowls or even some fancy glasses! Just layer some cake, ice cream, strawberries, then some more cake, ice cream and strawberries, all topped off with a delicious chocolate sauce. If you want to serve it family style you can also use a trifle bowl, which you can do for both versions, of course.


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