Hot Fudge Sauce

Sometimes you don’t realize how close heaven is. Sometimes it’s just a matter of popping open a can of condensed milk, throwing in some chocolate, and viola! You have the best thing in the world, sitting all nice and smooth in a microwave proof bowl, ready to be poured over some cold ice cream or […]

ice cream trifle

There’s really no other way to explain this dessert. It’s also awesome, and really easy to make. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and proba bly made it too, but it deserves being called a recipe. There are two versions i’ve made, and both are delicious. It’s just a matter of gathering a few ingredients […]

Party Salads

Yes. I ate my heart out in lahore instead of posting recipes like I said I would. And yes, I miss it like crazy. The dinners, the cafe’s, the family, friends, and FOOD. That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to make myself feel better with food. Who says you need to have a party […]