party dip and jalapeño popper turnovers!

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I don’t know what i’m more upset about; the fact that it’s not a big event here in Ilmenau, or that i’m missing out on Black Friday sales again. But i’ll tell you all this. I’m still going to celebrate. I may not bring home a turkey and stuff it with […]

The Coffee Diary

I can’t help but notice that all the delicious coffees and lattes are saved for the coldest and most festive days of the year. Christmas time is when everyone goes all out with decor and food. Besides the sky high trees sprinkled with gold and silver baubles, I truly enjoy the flavors that are so […]

strawberry puffs

There are some ingredients that, if available, can save the day. They’re versatile, delicious, rich, and in this case, puffy and buttery. Yes folks, i’m talking about puff pastry. I ALWAYS have a roll of this in my fridge. And I know it’s not available everywhere, like in Pakistan(sometimes they have it at rahat bakery […]