everything homemade tastes better. (sour cream, buttermilk, cake flour and self-rising flour)

Have you ever come across a recipe that has something like buttermilk, sour cream, cake flour, or self rising flour in it? Has that stumped you because you don’t have it in your pantry or fridge, but you really want to make whatever it is that requires such a list? Me too! But if you look into what these things actually are, you’ll realize you can make them at home!  What i’m about to tell you here is how easy it is to make these things at home. It’s also much healthier, considering you’re avoiding all the preservative that go into ready made things(that goes for the sour cream and buttermilk). I myself have used the sour cream, buttermilk and self rising flour on many occasions, and the cake flour is a good one for the books, just in case I ever do need to use it.

Mark these in your recipe book because they will definitely come handy!

Sour Cream

1 cup cream

1/3 cup yogurt

1 T lemon juice

-Just mix everything together and set it aside for at least an hour before using. It stays fine for up to two days, refrigerated.


1 cup -1 T milk

1 T vinegar or lemon juice

-Mix the vinegar or lemon juice into the milk and let it sit for a while before using.

Cake Flour

1 cup -1 T flour

1 T corn starch(corn flour)

-Sift the flour and corn starch 2-3 times and it’s ready to use! If you need more than one cup keep the basic ratio the same!  It’s a good idea to use cake four when you’re baking something delicate like a soufflé or macaroons.

Self-Rising Flour

1 cup flour

1 1/4 t baking powder

a pinch of salt

-Just sift everything together once and you’re good to go!





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