Days in Finland



(Best pizza ever)

Hi guys! This month has been pretty crazy travel wise, not that i’m complaining! I’m not that adventurous when it comes to food (I refuse to try things like octopus and snails), but I have come across lots of new flavors, and I love the fact that I get to try out so many different restaurants! Today we had sushi for lunch, which is a huge accomplishment on my part because my husband had never tried it before, and is really picky about seafood. But the local cuisine here in Finland is elk, reindeer and their specially prepared fish which we weren’t too keen on trying, and I’ve honestly had enough McDonalds to last a life time, so Sushi it was!

Before I tell you about the sushi, which is nothing new really, I really have to say that I absolutely love this country! Its so open and welcoming, and it’s definitely a plus point that there isn’t a huge language barrier because pretty much everyone here speaks english! They don’t dub their movies either, which is awesome, because in Germany there are very few theaters that play original, un-dubbed (is that a word?) movies. And the groceries are amazing too! There’s a whole section of mexican ingredients, and taco shells! Oh how I miss taco shells! And even though it’s pretty gloomy and cloudy most of the day, it was actually raining all day yesterday, it was still fun to walk around. The hotel we’re staying at is right near the sea, so the view is amazing, besides the fact that there’s an underground parking being built right across the street. They’re obviously digging with the help of explosives so yesterday when there was a huge boom and the windows started shaking we thought it was an explosion and earthquake all at once!

There’s actually quite a few chinese restaurants which we’re gonna try, and there’s a pizza place at literally every corner. Oh and the breakfast buffet at the hotel is just amazing, but back to the sushi for now!


Isn’t that gorgeous?! The restaurant is called Yuki Sushi, and if anyone comes down, actually up, to Oulu, Finland, then you have to try Yuki Sushi! Everything was great! Right when you walk in you’re greeted with a really airy and modern interior. Big comfy chairs covered with purple velvet line the wooden tables, and a silvery grey wall paper sparkles next to the huge window. The menu’s were in finnish, but the waiter there was so helpful in translating everything, and he also brought us a couple of pieces of the philadelphia roll, on the house! And can I just tell you that one piece is huge at this place! I can usually clean up two rolls, but I couldn’t get past three pieces without taking a break!



I ordered the basics because we both don’t like eating raw seafood, although I loved the smoked salmon one he brought us! Overall it was just really great! I had sushi in Paris and it wasn’t something i’d go back for at all, but this I definitely recommend.


I’m actually going to start posting some old recipes from blogger that I uploaded a year ago for now, because i’m not really cooking anything, but when I get back to Ilmenau it’s back to the pots and pans for me!


2 thoughts on “Days in Finland

  1. I badly want to try sushi, I am so curious about it. But my husband isn’t particularly fond of seafood least of all sushi. After reading your post and showing him these pictures maybe I can tempt him to find a good enough sushi place in Germany haha. x

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